Increased leads for
an ISP by 356% with
the same budget

At the agency, we always adhere to the classical marketing concept, bringing innovative approaches,
if they are backed up by high-quality research.

So, we consider that it is impossible to focus on only one tool to obtain the desired number of sales,
but to use all the tools, gradually increasing them, based on the priorities of a particular business.

The Infomir company is a new generation operator in the telecommunications services field. They have been working for more than 15 thousand Odessa subscribers for 14 years. We have been cooperating with the company for more than a year, during which we gradually introduced integrated marketing.

When we started cooperation with Infomir, we had the task of sending new subscribers to the site where they left the request. The site was not very attractive, which slowed down the conversion rate significantly.

In particular: website design in the style of 2007; a lot of pages that are taught to "nowhere" containing nothing useful

The site was non-functional, so it was difficult to find the necessary information on it. It was decided
to completely change the site, having worked through the UX/UI design.

While the site was at the development stage, we still had to fulfill the client's main goal - to increase requests.

Therefore, as an exception to the rule (about the complexity of marketing), we developed a landing page to which targeted traffic was directed from contextual advertising and partially Facebook targeting. In it, we clearly stated
the necessary information and offered the most favorable prices for tariffs.

When we talk about setting up contextual advertising and its effect, we have an already formed client's need to connect the Internet or digital TV, in this case direct keys will be used, for example, "connect Internet Odessa", "connect digital TV". Not using PPC at this stage means missing out on a client.


As a result of advertising campaigns constant testing, we have chosen the most effective ones:
— brand campaign;
— Internet connection campaign;
— TV connection campaign;
— campaign against competitors;
— dynamic campaign;
— remarketing.


from PPC-advertising Campaigns

1. The conversion rate is indeed the highest (13%) for campaigns for connecting to the Internet, with direct requests "connect the Internet", "Internet Odessa", "connect home Internet".

2. The largest number of clicks (28,237 clicks) at the lowest price (UAH 1) - on ads with branded keywords,
for example, "connect internet infomir", "internet provider infomir". Also, this campaign has the highest number of conversions in this period (1992 conversions). This confirms the hypothesis about the integrated marketing development and keeping the company in the public eye (we not only developed the site
in parallel, but also dealt with printing products, targeting, social networks, worked out sites with reviews
on the Internet).

In this way, users themselves were looking for the opportunity to connect to this provider. In terms of all traffic sources, we see that contextual advertising occupies 84% of the total number of all users.

For 10 months, taking into account the unchanged budget for contextual advertising, the number
of conversions increased almost 4 times, from 183 applications in February to 693 in November.

Since the company was not involved in SEO promotion, paid traffic was the only way to get a large number of leads from the Internet. The next stage for the company will be to develop organic traffic on the improved website. That will help increase the number of conversions without direct promotion costs.

You can read about how we updated the site, which brought 1235 conversions during the first month
of working with organic, in the next case.

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