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In this case, we will look at our experience in medical sites SEO optimization, tell you what methods we use to succeed in obtaining valuable organic traffic, how we have achieved a steady traffic increase for customers, and what we advise you to do


We believe in the power of SEO and that purposeful constant work in a given direction always brings results.

SEO (search engine optimization) helps drive organic (i.e. free) traffic to a website.

Working with SEO is aimed at raising the site in the issuance of a search engine. Conventionally, your clinic "herds the bottom" on the 3rd page of Google search results (which almost no one ever goes to), and you want to be in the TOP-5 of organic results, right after paid ads. To do this, it is necessary to work with the site, regularly deal with its internal and external optimization.
Fig 1. Example of search results for the request "surgeon Odessa"

SEO Plan

External optimization is aimed at creating and increasing the link mass.
Links to clinic sites are obtained mainly in four ways.

✅ We place on third-party resources thematic articles (alternating medical directions and topics) or press releases (brand materials about the clinic, in particular clinic news, in which we "highlight" unique features and advantages compared to other medical institutions). This way we get both a link to the site
and a mention of our client with up-to-date contact information.

Link building by purchasing links on stock exchanges with trusted webmasters is the main method
of external optimization.

Classic links purchased on stock exchanges, in our practice, even flew into Google's Top 10 for targeted information requests. So we recommend it!

✅ Using crowd marketing. We post links on various forums (we try to search with medical topics), blogs, social networks, and thematic groups. You can either join an open topic or create your own thread - ask
the question "Advise the best neurologist for a child in Odessa" and already in the answer give
a recommendation with a link to the site (of course, our client).

It is important to choose large popular forums with a good reputation for placement - of which there are not many. The selection of sites should be done carefully, selecting relevant topics and working out the most native comments so that they are not deleted by moderators.

From time to time we use to this method, but we sincerely do not recommend it to beginners in SEO optimization, as in inept hands crowd marketing becomes a spammy method and an outright waste of money

✅ Sometimes we use registration in catalogs and services. This is an additional promotion channel with a high level of trust in reviews about doctors.

We take into account not only paid, but also free channels to attract customers. What matters is the effectiveness of these tools.

✅We also use Google My Business as part of external optimization.

We use all the features of GMB and work with the clinic page – this tool is not related to SEO, but it works great for increasing impressions and attracting organic traffic.

Maintaining a company page on Google My Business gives good results with minimal effort.

Posting information about the company gives you a chance to get closer to the target audience, drive traffic to the site, increase consumer awareness and, importantly, bring in real customers. At the same time, statistics show that in the medical segment, the conversion rate for this tool is very high. User conversion from Google My Business - about 25%.
Показ блока Google my business по запросу "гинеколог киев" - изображение><meta itemprop=
Fig 2. Display of the Google my business block on the request "gynecologist kiev"

Internal optimization is related to:

✅ Technical optimization of the site (sitemap, markup, loading speed, elimination of errors, duplicate pages, setting up relinking, image optimization, etc.).

To clearly understand what actions are required as part of technical optimization, we always conduct a comprehensive SEO audit of the site at the beginning of work - and, based on it, we work out the technical specifications for the programmer. Tasks that an SEO-specialist can perform on their own are singled out and implemented separately.

We also recommend carrying out a periodic technical audit - at least once a year, and preferably once every six months.

In addition to tracking the current situation and improving the site, this will also allow you to quickly respond to Google changes, updating optimization requirements, etc.


1. Site indexing
2. Technical website optimization

2.1 XML sitemaps
2.2 HTML sitemap
2.3 Site structure
2.4 URL format
2.5 404 error page
2.6 Broken links
2.7 Redirects
2.8 Image optimization
2.9 Circular references
2.10 Pagination
2.11 Internal links (linking)
2.12 Language versions
2.13 Ordering
2.14 Breadcrumbs
2.15 Micro markup
2.15.1 Main page
2.15.2 Services Page
2.15.3 Product card
2.15.4 Blog Article
2.15.5 Breadcrumbs
2.15.6 OpenGraph markup

3. PageSpeed Insight metrics and recommendations
3.1 Main page
3.2 Service type page
3.3 Product page
3.4.1 Unused JS and CSS
3.4.2 Lazy loading of images
3.4.3 Enable file compression.
3.4.4 Impact of third-party code
3.4.5 Video formats for animated content

4. Content
4.1. metadata
4.2 Lyrics

5. Link profile
✅Development of semantic core, key requests, user search requests. We search data, analyze it, and think about how to use it for the client's website.

Lifehack from us: use keys in reviews and comments.

For example, on the Coronavirus Vaccination service page, we can only indicate the official variants of the name of the virus: "coronavirus", "COVID-19", "SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus infection". But ordinary users often use other, unofficial formulations.

The most popular one is the corona vaccine. In such situations, we do not get lost, but look for solutions. In this case, they simply left a review about the service on the page with the key "corona vaccine" written in it.

✅ Work on filling the site with content.

To this array of work, we include the creation of new pages, the expansion of the current versions of the site pages (adding new blocks with information, the functionality of leaving reviews, etc.).

✅ Blogging.

As we already wrote in our case "Clinic website from scratch", a blog is a working tool, because well-tuned SEO-optimization of blog articles helps to attract real customers. Articles provide opportunities for writing materials with SEO in mind, allow you to mention common diseases, list symptoms, reveal the specifics of a specialist's activity, etc.

For correct and effective setup, a competent SEO specialist is needed. It is difficult to find such a specialist, so you need to approach the choice responsibly.

Real work results

Our practical experience shows that organic can consistently bring up to 50% of all traffic, and sometimes even outperform paid promotion.

An example of one of the clinics where the number of conversions from organic exceeds the number
of conversions received using contextual advertising (indicators for one reporting month, from the 01st
to the 31st of the month):
Fig 3.
SEO Effectiveness

Working from scratch with a multidisciplinary clinic

Our agency has been providing marketing support for the Complimed complex clinic since its opening
in May 2020. based on the marketing plan we developed.

The work was started from scratch, so we can observe a step-by-step increase in traffic.

Remarkably, in proportion to the traffic, the number of goals achieved, that is, the number of conversions received thanks to organic, also grows.

It is clearly seen that working with SEO has a cumulative effect.
Fig 4. Complimed SEO Effectiveness

SEO for specialized ENT clinic Kykyshka

In this case, there is an optimization of an already existing site, work with which was carried out earlier.

Our agency has provided marketing support since February 2021.

Since then, we have been active in several areas:

  • activated link promotion (including preparing special materials for placement as press releases);
  • carried out an SEO audit;
  • made recommendations to improve the website, launched their implementation;
  • created a blog;
  • заполнили страницу компании в GMB
  • filled out the company page in GMB

As a result, we see traffic and number of achieved goals increase:
Fig 5. Kykyshka SEO Effectiveness

SEO promotion of a state clinic

Among our clients there are not only private clinics, but also a state medical institution
- the Children's City Clinic No. 6 "Compass".

For a government agency, organic traffic is key, since paid channels are not used to promote the site.

Traffic to the site is provided through organic traffic, direct clicks, clicks from social networks and referral links.

We started work in May 2021. and immediately launched an SEO promotion. Before the start
of marketing support for the client, we see a lack of organic traffic. Now - the monthly growth of traffic is about 2 times.

This case is interesting because it is not a classic example: in the case of the Compass website, we see a non-standard gradual "rollout" of the site, but a very fast return on resource optimization and a dynamic growth of organic traffic.

The site development potential is very high. It is planned to create pages of services
and directions, add an educational direction, disclose projects (implemented and planned).
But even without this, the traffic growth rate is impressive and inspiring.
Fig 6. Kykyshka SEO Effectiveness


External and internal SEO-optimization of the site helps to improve the position of the company in search results and get free traffic. This work does not imply an instant "take-off"
of organic traffic, but a cumulative effect and a delayed result.

The main thing is to act methodically and use the right methods to optimize the resource!

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