How to get more customers from Google with a small investment

Increased free SEO traffic to the ENT clinic by 1200%

The budget of this project was limited, so the main areas were chosen in which work can be done
with maximum effect, and this is link promotion and publication of feature articles in the site's Blog.

1. Link promotion

The method of article external promotion of the site was taken as a basis - that is, a thematic article
is published on an external resource with a link to the site being promoted.

The advantages of this method are that this external link affects the organic traffic of the site based
on the work of search engine algorithms, can give referral traffic (that is, a direct transition to the promoted site), and can also play a role in brand awareness (and increase direct site traffic).

Depending on the project budget, backlinks of different quality are selected - the higher the budget, the higher the quality of the links. That is, with a small budget for external promotion, are the links low quality? No. They have lower indicators which links are selected, such as organic collection, MOZ DA, Serpstat visibility, etc.

It is advisable to select domains for backlinks that are as relevant as possible to the subject of the promoted site, that is, on medical topics. But often there are few such domains, so they can be placed on near-thematic sites or on the sites of all-Ukrainian or regional media.

Examples of posted articles:

1. Near-thematic sites:

2. Media:

To save time and budget, the articles text were written by the webmasters of the sites - but before posting, the articles are checked by an SEO specialist to ensure that the writing technical task has been completed.

It is also worth noting that keywords in an article not from an external source give the search bot a clearer understanding of what topics are being addressed in the ranking.

Many backlinks are ranked by relevant keywords, which makes it possible to get referral traffic from them.
For example, an article
is ranked in Google for 159 queries:

2. Content plan

The second work line to promote the site was writing profile articles about ENT diseases and their treatment methods in the blog of the client's ENT clinic.

For this, the topics were selected for the content plan for the year, taking into account their relevance and search trends, and technical tasks for the copywriter were drawn up for writing the articles themselves:

The content plan was designed for writing and publishing two articles per month. Of course, if possible, you can write more articles, you should not be limited to only two.

As it turned out, the TOP-10, 20 search results for information requests mainly consist of Russian sites, and this is a good opportunity to appear in the Ukrainian search results for our site, since Google may give preference to information that is located on a domain with Ukrainian geotargeting.

And this approach paid off in the form of getting the site into the TOP-10, 20 for various information requests. For example, on the request "what is tonsillitis" - the frequency of 590 requests per month:

The combination of these two actions gave a strong increase in the number of impressions and clicks in search results, as well as an increase in organic traffic.

Data from June 1, 2021 to January 31, 2022.

Impressions and clicks:

Organic traffic:

Thus, with competent work and a minimum budget for promotion, you can achieve an increase in organic traffic for the clinic several times over in 8 months.

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