We help B2B and B2C telecommunication service market participants to get more customers and increase income
What niches are we experts in?
What niches are we experts in?
Internet and TV providers software
Equipment Vendors


Marketing strategy development
Social network management
Improvingwebsite visibilityn on search engines/networks «rand book and corporate style development
Contextual advertising
Products and services PR/PR for your products and services
Website design and content development
Promotion of personal brands of managers
and specialists/managers/executives and specialists personal brands promotion
Marketing channels efficiency analytics

Marketing strategy

Step by step and long-term plan your telecom project promotion. Includes audit goal setting, current state of marketing and sales audit, market, trends and competitors analysis, target audience surveys, branding, promotion plan, site development plan.

Marketing activities support

All or individual activities implementations as part of your marketing strategy. In any case, we do not work on the "flow" and delve into your business to increase the efficiency of such work.
It is important that the planning of a new project includes a marketing component, because in this case, further promotion will be more integrated and complex. This usually includes marketing strategy, brand development, visual concept development, including room/space design recommendations.

Cross-cutting analytics development

Ability to visualize commercial effectiveness from different angles. This is, for example, the effectiveness in marketing through promotion channels, managers' work quality in the call center, client attraction cost and many other indicators that are important for making objective management decisions.

How we help clients

Involvement in project planning prior to launch


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