Brandbook creation for IPTV middleware SIMPLWAREThe


The process of working on corporate style and landing page design for IPTV/OTT software

Middleware is a middle software that connects users and administrators of TV systems through an interface of different screens.

Simply put, TV providers should have an administrative panel through which to carry out their activities - a specific CRM-system.

On the user side, visual messages, the UI component and the product website usability become extremely important for effective interaction.


MIM:AGENCY was approached by a software company with a wish to develop a guideline for their new brand
and design a landing page for their product.

The product consists of:

  • administrative portal for user account and content management
  • client application for watching TV content

Simplware's goal was to create software with unprecedented ease of use.

This message was implemented in the brand name, and therefore had to be supported by the visual component of the corporate identity and landing page convenience.

Next, let's go through the work stages.

What does the target audience want?

Become a content distributor and earn on it. Without unnecessary difficulties and work with technical staff

What do competitors have in common?

It's complicated and incomprehensible, even for professionals.

After analysis, three logo options were proposed that reflect the idea of simplicity.

— we simplify all the details
— the simplest font
— smooth natural lines
— remove redundant elements

— we simplify all the details
— the same simple font
— smooth natural lines
— but adding symbols

— we simplify all the details
— the simplest font
— smooth natural lines
— remove redundant elements

The client chose the second option:

Creating a corporate style

Next, in accordance with the client tasks, we developed the brand's corporate style: a symbol and a logo.

— rules for their use
— corporate colors and fonts
— digital media icons
— corporate elements and patterns
— app printing options
— UI packaging kit

Below are a couple of slides from the presentation

Pattern and its types

Pattern of different shapes lines


Landing development

At the first stage, the goal was to develop a landing page in order to get feedback from the target audience on the product, and then, depending on the product development vector, to create a full-fledged website. So, a landing page design was developed with adaptation for all platforms and submitted to developers.
One and a half landing screen
Device adaptation

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